If you did not grow up with a bowling ball in your hand, our totally FREE online guides can help. Learn how serious bowling works, how to get started at it and then move up each level as you improve, and where you can turn for help along the way. (See our About page to learn why our guides are free.)

Our guides won't teach you bowling technique or help you decide which bowling balls to purchase, but there are many Internet sites, YouTube videos, DVDs, books, etc. widely available that can easily do that. Our guides will, however, arm you with the understanding you need to navigate the world of serious bowling: How leagues and tournaments work, opportunities for youth and college bowlers, how to read an oil pattern, and much more. covers ten-pin bowling in the United States, with apologies to candlepin, duckpin, five-pin, and other bowlers in the US and elsewhere. Ten-pin bowling is the most popular of the bowling varieties around the world.

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