Level 4 - Your bowling has improved to the point where you are thinking about competing on your own, maybe even nationally, and maybe even professionally.

​​​Youth - You are young, or the parent of someone who is, and want to know what bowling opportunities there are for youth.

BUT, YOU DO TAKE BOWLING SERIOUSLY? You've gone to a party or corporate event at a bowling center operated by Mr. Shannon's company Bowlero, or others such as Main Event or Round 1, and found that you really liked the game of bowling, and are wondering how to get better at it?​ In that environment, with its loud music, flashing lights, big screen videos, and screaming people bowling next to you, its hard to focus on anything, let alone bowling. No one there seems to take bowling seriously!

And then, whenever you find bowling information on the Internet or in books, it's always written by people who have been bowling forever and uses words only they seem to know.

​Is this you? If so, you have come to the right place! The information in this website is intended as a set of FREE guides to help you get started bowling seriously and then grow as a serious bowler. (Really, it's free? No catches? Yup. See the
About page if you are curious as to why.)

By the way, bowling seriously does not mean bowling with a frown on your face! Serious bowling can be fun, too. Why bowl seriously? One big reason is that many colleges and universities now offer bowling scholarships. Another is that bowling is one of the few sports where you can continue to be seriously competitive even in your later years.

"No one takes bowling seriously. Why would you?"

Level 3 - A few of your league members have noticed your dedication and have asked you to be on their team at an upcoming tournament.

Level 1 - You've gone to a party at a bowling center, found that you really like the game of bowling, and are wondering how to get better at it.

Level 2 - You've been working on getting better at bowling and are wondering if you are ready to join a league.

Bowling. Seriously?

All bowlers will want to read our FREE guide to The Mental Game in Bowling.

If you did not grow up with a bowling ball in your hand, our free guides will help. Learn how serious bowling works, how to get started at it and then move up each level as you improve, and where you can turn for help along the way.

​Want to improve your bowling technique or learn which bowling balls are the best? You already have plenty of other websites that will help with that! A hearty list of links to them can be found by scrolling down the right sidebar at The Tenth Board.

Already a serious bowler? Spread the word about this website to someone else who would like to be a serious bowler!

BowlingSeriously.com covers ten-pin bowling in the United States, with apologies to candlepin, duckpin, five-pin, and other bowlers in the US and elsewhere. (Ten-pin bowling is the most popular of the bowling varieties around the world.)

       - Tom Shannon, CEO of the largest operator of bowling centers in the US, in a 2011 Bloomberg interview.

​(More on why he said this)

We also provide FREE info on the state of Bowling Today and additional Resources available,

all to help you bowl seriously!

All guides are totally FREE! Click on the level that best describes you.

If you are a higher-level bowler, you will want to also read our FREE Guides to Understanding Oil Patterns.

Here are some signs that you might be a serious bowler:

  1. You bowl more than three games each week.
  2. You sometimes practice on a pair of lanes instead of just one.
  3. At least one of the counter persons at your local bowling center knows your name and which lanes you prefer to bowl on.
  4. You get annoyed when the person on the next lane bowls when you are already on the approach.
  5. You dislike the silly animations that many automatic scoring systems show. (Extra points awarded if you know how to turn them off.)
  6. At least once, you have asked a bowling center if they could turn down the volume of the music.
  7. You don’t stop bowling just because it is summer. In fact, you like the fact that the bowling centers are less crowded.
  8. You don’t let going on vacation keep you from bowling while away.
  9. You have had a dream (or nightmare, for that matter) that involves bowling.
  10. You think a bowling ball makes a great gift. The only better gift would be two bowling balls!

A word to proprietors of party bowling centers - Why should you care about this? After all, less than 5% of the more than 67 million people who bowl each year are serious bowlers. BUT, here's why serious bowlers are important to you. Some of those serious bowlers will go on to compete in the tournaments shown on TV. Non-bowlers will watch those tournaments, think - "Hey, I can do that, it looks easy!", and go on to suggest a fun night out at your center with their friends to prove it. Bowling on TV keeps bowling in the minds of your potential customers. That all works only for as long as there are serious bowlers. But the number of serious bowlers has been steadily declining for years, and without serious bowlers, there will be no more bowling on TV. So, if you have a customer for whom bowling seems to be more than just about partying, point him or her to this website. You'll be doing your part to keep serious bowling alive, it won't cost you a penny, and it may even grow your business.

If you are sidelined from bowling because of illness, a medical procedure, or some other reason, we have some FREE tips for things you can do during your Downtime.